About Us


General Catering Supplies – the homepage of restaurateurs, hoteliers and food service vendors

We aim to provide the hospitality industry with excellent quality products and superb customer service. Although founded in 1969, we have front-facing objectives with our sights firmly set on the future of trading, evident in our e-Store and Showroom. We still have a shop-front (which we are extremely proud of) and it forms part of a versatile HQ that serves as a warehouse-come-office-come-showroom.



Time we simply don’t have enough of it. At General Catering Supplies, we try to streamline your e-purchases through a simple click-to-cart-to-checkout process, leaving you more time to concentrate on developing your business. And we practice what we preach; no thumb-twiddling here.

Fulfillment  we mean in both senses of the word. By fulfilling your order with accuracy and speed, we fulfill our pledge to you. As a customer, you should be confident that you are getting what you paid for and that your order is fulfilled in a reasonable time-frame. And when all of the aforementioned is true, we can also feel fulfilled.

Commitment – we believe in dedication to your cause. And if that cause is finding exactly what you want for your business at a price you can afford, then that is precisely what we are committed to do



Our e-Store is brand new and features a vast range of non-food products which are both consumable and non-consumable. If you are business people of convenience (like us), the e-Store gives you the flexibility to browse and buy without the disruption of having to visit a shop-front. We are confident that all the information you may need, like specifications for example, you can acquire from our website. For those hungry for more information, the LiveChat option is sure to sate the appetite (coming soon.… please call us in the interim!)



Introducing the apple of our eye, the General Catering Supplies showroom. Opened in summer 2017, the showroom features an integrated bar area and shelf and table displays, adorned with front of house items that are used by the hospitality industry on a daily basis. The brands we have on display change regularly, with new lines coming in seasonally.

We wanted to bring a tangible, interactive element to your shop. When making your choice, it is important to be able to feel the weight of the knife and fork in your hand, the delicacy of the wine glass and the design of your crockery before you commit to the purchase. We recognised that there is more at stake front-of-house, in fitting with décor and themes, so have tried to create an environment where an informed decision can be made.

And it’s not just front-of-house items that we display – we have heavy duty kitchenware too.

Showroom Virtual tour – coming soon……